Steel metal siding

Metal cladding offers excellent protection from moisture, insects and rodents but one of the most notable advantages is that it does not deteriorate over time as wood or plastic products will. This means your cladding system will last many years longer than most other products on the market before needing to be repaired or replaced. The versatility of metal siding is quite surprising. Most system can be installed horizontally or vertically which allows for a great range of design and additional insulation can even be included within the composition of the siding panels.

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Steel Siding

Typically steel siding is a low maintenance, non-combustible profile suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Available in both solid and perforated panels, steel siding typically is available in 4” and 6” planks but can be manufactured in custom lengths. and sizes. It features a hidden fastener system and is available in a variety of wood grains and color options.

Corrugated Metal

When discussing siding products, most of us imagine a classic home clad with brick or wood panels and lap siding rather than more modern materials made from steel or aluminum. However, these new products have begun to dominate both the residential and commercial construction markets. Corrugated metal has been used as roofing and cladding for warehouses and barns for decades and thanks to a multitude of different colours and profile options, it has more recently become exceedingly popular in modern home and business builds.

Standing Seam Metal

Choosing a vertical siding system is a great way to accentuate the height of your design. One of the most recognizable systems, standing seam cladding is characterized by robust folded connections between each panel. Its concealed fixing details allow for sleek architectural exteriors, making it a popular choice across typologies.